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1/144 Bücker Bü 181 Bestmann "2 Kits in 1" by JACH models

1/144 Bücker Bü 181 Bestmann  "2 Kits in 1" by JACH models  

JACH are keen to label this as a "Work in progress (Nedokonceno)" and changes therefore may happen before reaching a release date. JACH have produced a range of interesting 1/144 designs from their Czechia base.Ranging from Luft 46 fighters through to the DFS 230 glider, they have often produced kits for Valom, Attack, Miniwing and others...

It is proposed that various releases with decals schemes *may* be produced covering:
 - German
 - Foreign services
 - Zlín

Cost: to be confirmed,
Release Date: to be confirmed

Primary Trainer of the Luftwaffe, developed in the late 1930s and entered service in 1940 and saw service with 16 countries during and after WWII.

The Bücker factory at Rangsdorf built most of the Bü 181's, but because of demand was forced to license the design to the Fokker Company in the Netherlands, who subsequently built 373 of the type for the Luftwaffe all of which were delivered by the end of 1943. Production of both the Bü 181B and the slightly modified Bü 181C was begun by Fokker in Amsterdam in 1942 and its total wartime production was 708 aircraft.

The Bü 181 was also built by Zliner Flugzeugwerke AG plant at Zlin, in the Bohemia & Moravia Protectorate and after the German withdrawal the production continued after the war in the same Zlin works, now denominated as the C.6 and C.106 for the Czechoslovak Air Force and as the Zlín Z.281 and Z.381 in various versions for civil use. 783 aircraft were built. Between 1943 and 1945, Hägglund & Söner AB in Sweden built 120 Bü 181's under license with the Swedish military designation Sk 25.

During the 1950s the Heliopolis Aircraft Works of Egypt acquired a Czechoslovakian licence to produce the Zlín Z-381 with a 105 hp Walter-Minor engine. It was produced for the Egyptian Air Force as the Heliopolis Gomhouria (meaning "Republic") and subsequent versions were supplied to other Arab air forces. At least 300 Gomhourias were built.[1] In all, 3,400 aircraft were built but only a handful survives today.


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