Friday, September 04, 2020

1/144 1/144 JASDF Kawasaki C-2 SP w/MCV - AOSHIMA


1/144 1/144  JASDF Kawasaki C-2 SP w/MCV - AOSHIMA

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New MCV/AFV mold added!!

The popular C-2 transport aircraft is now available in the same scale with the Type 16 mobile fighting vehicles!

Type 16 mobile combat vehicle can be reproduced in the process of loading by the movable gimmick of the undercarriage

The transport compartment, cockpit and the microwave can be replicated

The doors and hatches of C-2 transporters can be recreated in a deployed state.

Selectable flight and landing positions

Display for flight status is included.

Length 270mm / Width 309mm / Height 97mm (C-2 transport aircraft)

*** Machine Translated ***


Release Month: 2020.12

Price: JPY6,800‐(

A slightly cheaper version of the C-2 is available without the MCV:

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