Wednesday, March 24, 2021

1/144 Heinkel He-111 H-6/H-20 - Roden

The He-111H-16 / H-20 German twin-engined medium bomber developed in the early 1940s from the earlier He-111 H-6. 

The new versions differed from their predecessor in improved armour, the ability to carry different types of bomb load, newer radio equipment, and a system for short-term engine power boost. Series production continued during 1943-44, when Heinkel produced about 1,200 units of the He111H-16 model and about 800 of the He111H-20. 

The vast majority of these aircraft fought in the skies of the Eastern Front, but many of them were also used on the Western Front, as well as in the final phase of the African campaign. On the basis of these models, many sub-variants were created, such as glider tugs or transport aircraft. 

The last of the He111H-16 and the H-20 were in operational use even at the beginning of 1945 in the final months of the war.

Markings for 2 aircraft:

 (1) He 111 H-20 Black M 4/4KG53, Eastern Front Summer 1944;

 (2) He 111 H-16 Red H 2/KG27, Eastern Front Southern Ukraine Winter 1942/43.

Estimated Release : April 2021

Hannants Price £20 (UK)
HLJ price £16.90 (Japan)

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