Friday, May 19, 2006

1/144 F-Toys Heliborne & WWII Warbirds

1/144 F-Toys Heliborne
Again no surprises, just some nice photos!
The V-22 'Osprey' Looks nice in the Heliborne Series!
It is also worth a note that there are 3x He-100 shown in the picure and that doesnt include the special "silver" record breaking version that will be availabe via a "lottery" from F-Toys!
More here in relation to this and other plastic model items @ 45th Shizuoka Hobbyshow
There are plenty of items in all scales to be seen in these pages below;


Feathered said...

OMG!! Is that the tail of a Ki-45 Toryu to the left of those helicopters? I've been hoping for one of those for years!

robert k said...

The V-22 is big... they could released the Ch-46 too(used by USN,MArines,Japan and Canada) would be a nice item..