Saturday, May 20, 2006

1/144 Takara "Famous Aircraft of the World" - "Wings of the Luftwaffe # 03"


Obviously the TA-154 is the main star of the FAOW/WOTL Series 3 and will be the most sought after item....unless those Me-262's turn up as specials...
But, what ever happened to the Me-163's that were in the original Series 1 promo shots (as was the Ta-154).... they have never shown up! - then you have the Arado 234's that appeared from now where!?
The Me 163s would have appeared soon after the POPY projekt fliegers but that has never stopped, Takara, bandai or Drafon releaseing items close to each other! - Look how many Zero's, Bf-109s, FW190s and Panthers are out there all within a short space, or released again and again?

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