Friday, May 26, 2006

WTM 10 ??

WTM 10 ??
The prototype photograph whose WTM is new in [moderugurahuikusu] magazine vol.260 to be published.
Cromwell Mk. The Ⅷ, 3x models of B1 bis and BT-7.


wtmblogger said...

I think it's "Model Graphix" which has one page dedicated to 1/144 each month. I like the Cromwell.

bluedonkey99 said...

There are some interesting items, shows an interesting directions.

it appears these are just the "allies" units.... I wonder if they would dare produce a WWII Series with no German units at all?

robert k said...

Thats good news... much better than have more kingtigers and panthers...
CharB have nice colorfull "camo"..
cromwell is good too..I would like Matildas(to compose desert opponents to AK )
As axis item.I would sugest a japanese tank ..and a Famo..and please a opel blitz..

Anonymous said...

i notice WTM are are but short when it comes to panzer IV! (dragon have addressed them in 2 series, but only the VS & flak in PzIV)