Wednesday, August 08, 2007

1/144 BKA-1125 Armoured River Boat (Soviet)

1/144 Resin Kit - BKA-1125 Armoured River Boat (Soviet) - Made by "AER"

When I first saw these I was very interested as I had never seen anything like this before, then sometime later Thomas of Switzerland writes to me with more information. It is with thanks to him that we have these photos of the kit!
I particulary like this one with a "Stalin Organ" and T-34 Turret, there is also a spare smaller gun turret that can replace the "Stalin Organ" toprovide another varient seen onthe rivers.
I dont have any yet but I think I am persued to purchase some of these!?
There is a whole series of these river and coastal craft, further details can be found here!
some excellent photos of finished items are found here:
some other BKA-1125 References!


pbhawkin said...

I also have 4 of these and although they have a fair bit of flash the actual molds are quite detailed.
A very nice addition to any 1/144 scale ship collection or as a interesting piece for 1/144 collector or even wargamer.
There also appear to be an increasing number in the range

bluedonkey99 said...


Thats interesting, as I said to Thomas that one fo the fwe places i ahd sen these for sale was on Ebay.AU!!

I think thee do look cool, as well as teh other river gun turret type craft!


Anonymous said...

NKR Models is an Australian mail order house that gets tons of interesting eastern block subjects in. I got mine from him and they were dirt cheap.