Thursday, August 30, 2007

1/144 F-Toys Biplane Series Vol.1 (UPDATED)

1/144 F-Toys Biplane Series Vol.1
the final lineup has been leaked!
if my translation is correct!???
  • Camel SE5A
  • Fokker Dr.I
  • Cr-32
  • I-15
  • Ki-10

There seems to be some dicussion over the original listings!

The original listing on the japanese site appear incorrect, and should read as follows:

  • Albatross
  • Spad
  • Swordfish
  • K5Y "Willow"

available (Japan) November 2007!

8x standard Items,

4x Colour specials (1x each stnadard type),

1x Series Special (usually)

----Also, as these are a FTOYS/PLATZ collaboration, it does not prohibit the future option of some of these items appearing as PLATZ plastic kits???

-> thanks to "OBAKE Blog"!!!


robertk said...

BD ,in the picture german one is a Albatross , the allied is a Spad, a Swordfish and the japanese..I´m not sure but looks a K5Y willow..

smeg1959 said...


Having had a 1/48 scale version back in the dim and distant past, I'd agree that the Japanese examples defintely appear to be Willows. As I said in an earlier blog entry, it is great to see the Swordfish to swell the all-too-few RAF/Fleet Air Arm representatives in 1/144.

Whilst there was flak over F-Toys' revisiting of "overdone" Japanese fighters like the Zero, I don't think anyone can criticise them for this venture.

BD99, I'd love to see the Fiat CR-32 and its stablemate CR-42 in the scale. I know of the Reviresco examples (, but kits or gashapons in plastic would still be a nice addition. And, in typical Regia Aeronautica fashion, plenty of variety in camo schemes, too!

With F-Toys, Sweet and CafeReo releasing stuff recently, all we need now is some new items from Takara and Bandai. Oh, and some more Luft 46 from Popy wouldn't go astray either! Hey, I know it won't happen, but daydreaming is free!

Blue said...

all very confusing indeed!

maybe the original list was still a wishlist?

to be honest, I havent done to much research on these items yet!

and, yes why o why no more luft'46 the japanese would love them!

still, there seems to be growing demand and usae of 1/144 in games

if wings of war bring out a further WW1 sereis thats fine, there is talk of them bringing a WWII Series, which may produce some duplicates, but is more likely to throw up some interesting paint schemes as the guy behind the game is quite keen on his "ACES" so we may get some german duplication, but expect to see some aircraft that bandai or takara may not have been prepared to produce!?

smeg1959 said...


You're so right about the Luft 46 items. BD99 can testify that they are popular based on the interest in the Wings144 Daimler Projekt F and the Lippisch delta when they were auctioned through Radsan on eBay. I look at the site and the 1/72 scale options through Planet Models, Huma, Unicraft, etc. and wished that the 1/144 range was so populated.

Not being a WW1 collector or a gamer, I'm not sure of the quality of the Wings of War models. Comment anyone? If they are OK, some Spitfire aces wouldn't go astray!

bluedonkey99 said...


the WOW Biplanes are pretyy good considereing that their meant to be "gaming pieces" rather than "collectables".

That said the paintwork is pretty interesting and the range of products interesting.

the detailing probably doesnt stack up as well as teh WOTL03 and the subsequent desktop spinner editions, but again it is not really a like for liek compariosn.

I would imagines that any WOW WWII series would be interesting as it would have some colour variations.

I would guess there would be some duplication, dont be surprised to find a spitfire or huricane an a me109 and or 190....

if they sitck to the format of 4 types of planes and 3 colour vareints then we should expect oo much in the way or radical departures. I suppose a check of the planes featured in the game / card packs would possible give an indication, but i imagine that we would find out nearer the time?

i wouldnt have gone out my way to get the WWI before, but these are nice, i expect the second set will be pretty cool too, an maybe future sets will have bombers or two seaters?

a DH2 would be nice too!

the act F-TOoys does look likely to produce a new set of twin engines is good taht they still have the confidence to produce new designs and bring them to market.

the other curious angle on this is the theory that FTOYS have either baught the moulds or the 3D design models form Bandai (who also own the popy brand) is curios.

wouldnt it be fantastic if F-TOYS had bought the project Fleiger mulds and reissued them with new colours! even if they were kits like the recent WingClub Kits.

"8-Bee" a link to his blog is on my main page, has an article comparing the FTOYS WKC to the Bandai WCC. It would appears its not as straight forward as expected...., but then the transaltion caparbility here at the donkeystable isnt that great!

robertk said...

They mixed WW2 and WW1 a next boxset..Gloster Gladiators, hs-123,Camel,and DrI..could be nice...

smeg1959 said...

A Gladiator and a Hs123? Good choices, Robert! But would we really be lucky enough to get two RAF/FAA aircraft in a row?

F-Toys may be more likely to try something from the US like a Curtiss 77 Helldiver (the biplane predecessor of the Helldiver most of us think of) or a Boeing P-12, something Russian like an I-15 or I-153, or even Italian like BD99's suggestion of a Cr-32 or mine of a Cr-42.

Incidentally, the Willow is a slightly odd choice as it was more of a trainer than anything else.

BD99, the links between Japanese companies is interesting. Your translations can't be any worse than mine - I use an online translator and the goobledegook I end up with is astounding!

smeg1959 said...

Incidentally, before someone misinterprets my previous posting, the RAF/FAA "two in a row" are the Swordfish and Robert's suggestion of a Gladiator.

The Henschel Hs123 would be the logical Luftwaffe biplane entry, with camo schemes that could include the 3-colour splinter pattern of the Spanish Civil War era through to the variety of schemes used on the Russian front. The other Luftwaffe possibilities would probably be the Fieseler Fi167 and the Arado Ar68, but my money would be on the Hs123.

It is an interesting exercise looking at WW2 biplane options, especially when you look at some of the "frontline" aircraft serving in, say, the Polish and Russian air forces early in the war.

And being F-Toys, size isn't a big restriction; the He219 comes in the same size box as a small fighter like the He100. So how about a Supermarine Walrus to accompany the Swordfish?

Whoops, two RAF/FAA entries in a row again!!!

BrettMayaAllisonTory said...

We are now at the begining of a new
era in the world of 1/144 aircraft
models : Wings of War is the first to release superb models of very
well chosen models. F-Toys is
promising his choice of such models
WoW is working at a second batch of little gems to complete our
collections. They are passionate
professionals, they took the right
way, they know what they're doing,
let's thrust them to go on giving us, maybe with other manufacturers,
so much pleasure.
A really big THANK's to them !

bluedonkey99 said...

it is good that the market expands.
the WoW are nice and interesting kits, the paint work is interesting and the models excellent for wargaiming although a good for collecting the detialing isnt quite as good as the japanese collections as a rule, but as said the paintwork is interesting.

this shouls at least keep things ticking over and may draw some new people into the market.

i look forward to the future sereis of WoW - i would love a DH-2 and some twin engined craft!