Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wonder Fest 2007 - Summer !! (**UPDATED**)

No pictures at present due to "techincal issues!!"

First Pictures of Wonderfest 2007 (Summer)

  • F-Toys 1/144 WWI + WWII Biplanes!?
  • CAFE REO - BIG BIRD Vol.3 - Included B-17, Do-217, Japanese Type
  • Plus other CafeReo Show special?


  • Now for Sale: F-TOYS Wing Kit Vol.1 - Official Page!


smeg1959 said...

The Japanese biplane trainer is a Yokosuka K5Y Type 93 Willow, whilst the medium/heavy bomber is a Mitsubishi Ki-21 Type 97 Sally. The choice of a B-17E is good, as it will complement the various B-17G's already in the scale (e.g. Minicraft, Crown).

Great to see the Do217E in the mix. Whilst it may not be the He177 many of us voted for in the Kampfgruppe poll, it is still an excellent choice. With a bit of luck, some enterprising soul might even develop a cockpit conversion to allow modelling of the Do217K variant.

And, what's this, a Fairey Swordfish? Amazing! When we bemoaned the lack of WW2 RAF aircraft in the scale (remember the great "Bitter" Griffon-engined Spitfire hoax?), I don't reckon any of us would have bet on the old Stringbag as a possibility.

Do217 and Swordfish? Bring 'em on!

smeg1959 said...

More news! My attention has just been grabbed by the latest Kami De Koro Koro resin release - the Commonwealth Aircraft CA14 Boomerang. By my reckoning, this is definitely the first Australian WW2 entrant in 1/144 and one we patriots "Down Under" have been waiting for since Sweet first suggested a release several years ago which never materialised.

Whilst it doesn't appear yet on the Kami website, I'd imagine he's asking 1575 yen like he does for others in the series, like the Buffalo and Polikarpov I-16 Rata.

Check out http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shire/3680/144/raaf144.htm.

And fellow Luft 46 fans, take note. A Japanese company called Wings144 - new to me anyway - has three resin kits in 1/144 listed: a Daimler Benz Projekt F (no, not the giant Projekt B of Anigrand), a Lippisch Li P13A and a Blohm und Voss Bv P170.01 Schnellbomber. The Projekt F is quoted at 3150 yen, the P13A is 2100 yen and the P170.01 is 4200 yen.

Check out http://wing144.tuzikaze.com/top.html.

Domichan said...

All fine and dandy, but where are the tanks? Or is the 144 vehicles craze replaced by the 144 plane craze? Probably yes, as even I have sunk so far as to start buying planes, in absence of new tank releases. :-)

Blue said...

thanks for the additional info!
i will post a wings144 entry now i am back at home!

Domichan! its been a while since you have been seen around, but as your say not much in the way of tanks recently!!! hopefully there will be a WTM10 before the end of the year?

or maybe KDK will produce some more resins!?

there was sight of some new resing kits possibly coming from Pro-hobby/YSK - but mainly trucks!?