Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wonderfest 1/144 Aircraft

  • Cafe Reo Big Bird vol3 Series!

  • Cafe Reo "IF" Series prototpye ! - this appears to be a "what if" or "late planning" protoype series of aircraft - it may even be a purely hypothetical editons of aircraft based upon the Cafe Reo Designers dreams? - interesting maybe some Projekt Flieger editions in there?

  • J-Wings Vol.3 "VietNam"

Photos here:


robertk said...

I couldn´t see the link
Well I saw a prototype of B7n Grace?
Well "if" they wanted make a interessanting boxset..could bring some pacific planes..B7n,Dauntless,Helldiver,(the old crown,arii is very basic),a devastator or a P-39 ,even a Ki115 ,or older A5m Claude...

bluedonkey99 said...

yoour correct, the link has gone!

i will look for its new location soon.