Sunday, October 14, 2007

1/144 JGSDF(?)

1/144 JGSDF/JSDF - (?)
At present, I dont know: Who, what where or When???
But i doo like the fact these look interesting and not just the usual items pushed out every time!
the fact at least on of these items is presented on a road base makes me wonder if it is a Konami series? as I have noticed a number of their series military or otherwise comes with such a diorama base. WTM come with no base, and usually have a different style. there is still the chance another manufctuerer is involved?
More pictures at FUMI's Blog:


Anonymous said...

Excelent itens(except by the MTB already released repeated several times )..the ARV is nice..Missile laucher wow..

bluedonkey99 said...

interesting point made regarding the MBT, to be honest I did not even notice it until i looked at the pictures 2 or 3 times! - but as for the otehr items! very interesting indeed! finally someone prepared to be a little braver in thier production, lets all hope it is rewarded by good sales figures!