Friday, October 26, 2007

1/144 - Wings oF War WWI - Series 2 + 3

1/144 - Wings oF War WWI - Series 2 + 3
Series 3 (Summary) :

Ufag C.I,


Nieuport 17/23,

  • Sous Lieutenant Charles Nungesser 65è Escadrille Aviation Militaire (France)
  • Sergent Gervais Raoul Lufbery 124è Escadrille "Lafayette" Aviation Militaire (France/USA)
  • Kibanov 22-yj Korpusnoj Aviacionyj Otriad Imperatorskij Voenno-vozdusnyh Flot (Russia)

Albatros D.III.


Series 2
Fokker D.VII

  • Hermann Göring Germany
  • Hugo Schäfer Germany
  • Ernst Udet Germany

Sopwith Snipe
  • William George Barker Great Britain
  • Thomas Charles Richmond Baker Australia
  • Clement Verner Ryrie Australia

LFG Roland C.II
  • Manfred von Richthofen Germany
  • Richard Seibert & Arthur Pfleger Germany
  • none (Luftstreitskräfte) Germany

De Havilland D.H. 4
  • Egbert Cadbury & Robert Leckie Great Britain
  • Alfred Clayburn Atkey Great Britain
  • (American Expeditionary Force) USA


Anonymous said...

Do we know if they are already producing series 3 for sure? Any chance they may choose different AC??
Would sure be great to get something other than MORE Pfalz DIIIs or Roland DVIs
How about an Alb C type instead of a Ufag? Or even better, a Halberstadt or Hannover!!

bluedonkey99 said...

There is always a chance they will choose different aircaft!

at the time of the post that is what the game designer said they would be.

if you wish to ask him again, it maybe interesting for you to join

i would be very surprised if there was not a 3rd series, or beyond.

this appears to be a very successful prouct. The production is always ke short of demand. they gusy playing this can never find enough item for everyone os it is sold out quickly!