Wednesday, October 31, 2007

1/144 Messerschmitt P.08.01 - Resin Kit by Anigrand! (Updated)

1/144 Messerschmitt P.08.01 - Resin Kit by Anigrand!
Messerschmitt Me.P.08-01 Flying-wing bomber target to New York
More detail here.....
For sale date - December 2007 - Pre-order Available now!
bonus kits - (with assistance from smeg)
Blohm and VossBv P.208.03


smeg1959 said...

Another interesting Luft 46 choice from Anigrand. I wonder what additional aircraft will accompany it given the "extras" supplied with the Daimler Projekt B.

Anigrand's choice of these "secret" additional items is sometimes rather strange, though. For instance, the RAF C-17 Globemaster is apparently accompanied by three very early British jets, a Meteor F3, a Vampire and the Gloster E28/39 Whittle (can't get earlier than that!). Maybe I'm wrong, but I would have thought the chances are that someone who wants the Globemaster collects modern stuff, and there's plenty of modern RAF aircraft that haven't been covered in 1/144.

Indeed, I know a fellow modeller Down Under was none too happy with the choices that came with his Tupolev 126. Two were aircraft that were never built! That's fine with Luft 46 stuff like the Daimler and this new Me P.08.01, but you'd expect the extras with an operational aircraft like the Tu 126 to have actually served or, at the very least, flown. Again, there are plenty of options not yet covered in the scale.

In my case, I'm a 1930's to 1950's buff, so I actually want the three "extras" out of the Globemaster box! However, for anyone that ever thinks this way, a word of warning. The powers behind Anigrand have categorically said no, we will never release the extras as separate items - I've heard that from two separate collectors that asked.

Mmm, interesting sales strategy!

bluedonkey99 said...


some good points, the early jets with the C-17 is a little odd.

the Daimler Benz Projects wasnt too bad, as you say its doenst relay matter with a more fictional account, although a good job they didnt provide some moderns trainers or or mismated items.

even with the xb-70 there are otehr modern jets that i am sure most people woul have prefered comapred to that single littel turbo prop thing?

so fingers cross for the P.80.01!!

smeg1959 said...

Just checked out the silhouettes against the schematics at Luft 46. The most likely identities of the four are (from left to right):

Messerschmitt Me329
Arado Ar E.555-6 (most probable)
Lippisch Li P.13B
Blohm und Voss Bv P.208.03

All four have seen the light of day in 1/72 (although the Revell Arado is a different variant, the E.555-1). Anigrand already do a 1/72 Li. P13B.

Now those are good choices given the main subject!

bluedonkey99 said...


nice work, confirms my suspisons and overcomes my lazyness!

may an AR.555-3 due to slightly difference in angle of wing tips!?

eitherway nice, results, saves me havng to kit cbahs that gundam transport into an Ar-555 series!

(similar to, not exact)

smeg1959 said...

Strange that Allen Ury has made the Anigrand Li P.13B and included photos on his Fantastic Plastic website, yet put the swastikas on the tail back-to-front! As the "5" is the right way around, it's definitely not a case of inverting the photo.

BD, you could be right about the 555 variant. I went by the rounded projection at the rear of the "fuselage", for want of a better description.

If Igor at Unicraft releases his planned Horten Amerika Bomber and Hanebu "flying saucer", we'll certainly have a good selection of Luft 46 items.

Incidentally, eagerly awaiting the F-Toys' biplane releases, especially the Swordfish!