Sunday, March 23, 2008

June 2008 F-Toys 1/144 "Large Collection"

June 2008 F-Toys 1/144 "Large Collection" (maybe?)
its a bit speculative, but F-Toys are one of the companes regulary producing 1/144 series
maybe more twin engined, or maybe four engined or other "Large" bombers or transports?
Interestingly this was on display at the Wonderfest 2008 - did no one else spot this?
At least with the lancaster there will be many options for squadrons . colour schemes and British & Commonwealth nations.
i wonder if they will do one with the "Tallboy" or "Bouncing" bomb?
i hope the final items have guns in those turrets?


Pete said...

Looks like Ebay has the new CafeReo stuff, the Dornier 217 & B-17 appear to be available. The Dornier even has one of the WW2 Smart Bombs, can't make out which it is. One of the links attached.

bluedonkey99 said...

most likely the Hs-293?