Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wings of War - Series 2

Wings of War - Series 2


I put this together for fun... I did not have any card so had to ue a manila enveplope, it would have been better with thicker card. It should have some poles supporting the roof, but i didnt have any cocktail sticks to hand!

The base is not the original one, this one i made in Photoshop combining some grass and vehicle tracks. (it works better in real life)

Series 2 is now availabe!

Hanger template (reduce by 70% 1:100 >> 1:144)

password = 'sero' see web page for details.

conversion tools


pbhawkin said...

Where is the little 1/144 Hauptmann martin ready to fly off on patrol?
Seriously though, it looks very good!


bluedonkey99 said...


I am currently working on a WW1 "hard shelter" too, hopefully a
few days and it will be ready.... out Tommy Atkins!


bluedonkey99 said...

ironically the back looks better, as there are actually windows in the tent!

there should also be poles (i figure tooth picks) and some guide ropes.... maybe for MK.II?