Monday, September 22, 2008

1/144 BAE Hawk T.1 - By OZ MODS!

1/144 BAE Hawk T.1 - By OZ MODS!
Coming soon! - September 2008
Price 12.95 AU$ as per the other 1/144 fighter kits
I think htis should be a great kit, the F-toys is no longer easily available.
The potential paint schemes and decals options for aftermarket is huge!?
I think Kura could be a very busy man with special reqest decals for these fine craft!

Injection moulded with vacform canopy (2 supplied).
Detailed cockpit and wheel wells.

Plus decals for :
1x Set for a Green/Gray RAF Scheme.
(see photos)

1x Set for Red/White Swiss Patrol aircraft.
Also interesting recent event:


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