Saturday, September 06, 2008

21sr Centruy Toys - 1/144 SoftSkins?

21st Centruy Toys - 1/144 SoftSkins?
I havent seen any of these available via usual sources or ebay, yet they appear in Japan under a different brand?


badger said...

I haven't seen these at the usual stores in the US yet, so they might be delayed. But then again, I have no idea how 21st century ships out their new releases. Some folks think that they're completely random. They're very disorganized, as you can probably tell by their outdated website.

Just an FYI on 21st century goods. They run about 2.50USD for armor and 3.30USD for planes. The dogfight series run at about 7USD. I've seem them sell for $20 not including shipping, on ebay. Crazy. Some online stores are selling them at double the price with a huge markup on shipping. These are really low in both molding and paint quality, so let the buyer beware.

I get the feeling the same 10 year olds are bidding on everything, with no knowledge or interest in what an item is worth. One week an Apollo 1/144 sells for $20 and another week it goes for $110. CRAZY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this: the sdkfz 251 seems to be in this random vehicle pack.

bluedonkey99 said...

There not WTM there made by Furuta

The scale on these items is variable.

hope this helps?