Saturday, September 06, 2008

1/144 BASIC Magazine + 1/144 Type 22 by SWEET

1/144 BASIC Magazine + 1/144 Model
There appears to be a new "1/144" Magazine in Japan!.
It is not clear if this a special edition or a new series?
Published by 'Model Graphix'
(maybe it takes over from Modelle Militare Magazine?)
The box of the kit is familar from other scale model magazines in Japan
It comes with a A6M3 Type 22 Zero Kit (1/144 obviously) - from Sweet.
It appears recent as it look like it has logo for the 50th Anniversary of the JASDF?
There are more inside photos of the pages at HLJ
If you like the ZERO, you will like this!?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Type 22 is a special release only for the mag or a pre-release of the next Sweet version....

bluedonkey99 said...

would not surprise me if sweet release this to go with all their other Zeros!?

I dont think I have seen a sweet on the front cover of this companies magazines before, although obviosuly, Trumpeter, Doyusha/Dragon, Takara, Popy(Bandai) have.

badger said...

Are there any noticeable external differences between the type 21 and 22?

F_IV said...

A new cowling was fitted to the 22. Sililar to the late model A6M's but without the exhaust ejectors.

With the type designations, the first digit represents airfame version; the second digit describes the engine. Hence, the model 21 has type two airframe with type 1 engine. Model 22 retains the typ3 2 airframe but introduced a new engine. :)

Anonymous said...

The Model 22 is basically the Model 32 but with full wings. So, as noted, completely different cowling to the Model 21. The 22 kit also has the option of the long barrel 20mm wing cannon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, bluedonkey99 and everybody.

I know this comment is out of theme, but I believe this could interest you: an Italian Editor (De Agostini) has just begun publishing a bi-weekly series about WWII bombers: you get a 36 pages booklet with one third about aviation history, and two thirds about a WWII bomber; also, YOU GET A 1/144 COMPLETE MODEL (usually propellers are separate parts).

Model quality (I've got a B-17g, a Lancaster and a He-177):
- good paintwork, no weathering
- swastikas missing on He-177 tail
- inside of undercarriage wells left in the undersufaces colour.
- a few minor fuselage windows are only engraved (just paint them with glossy dark grey)
- turrets and guns are fixed, some of the guns are a bit on the thick side.
- a few seams would need a bit of filler.
All in all, not bad.

Price (after the first three models' discount price) will be € 12,99.

Here's the link:( and planned release for the first 22 numbers (full series shoul be 50 numbers!).

2 AVRO 683 LANCASTER MK.III 18/08/2008
3 HEINKEL HE 177 A-5 GREIF 30/08/2008
5 FOCKE WULF FW 200 C4 CONDOR 27/09/2008
6 CANT Z 1007 BIS ALCIONE 11/10/2008
8 KAWANISHI H8K2 EMILY 08/11/2008
9 HEINKEL HE 111H 6 22/11/2008
11 LIORE' ET OLIVIER LEO 451 20/12/2008
12 JUNKERS JU 290 A 5 03/01/2009
13 MITSUBISHI G4 M1 TYPE 1 17/01/2009
15 JUNKERS JU 88A 4 14/02/2009
16 SHORT STIRLING MK. III 28/02/2009
17 JUNKERS JU 52/3 M 14/03/2009
18 PIAGGIO P.108 II. SERIE 28/03/2009
19 MARTIN B-26 B/C MARAUDER 11/04/2009
20 BLOHM & VOSS BV 222 V-2 25/04/2009
21 DOUGLAS C-47 SKYTRAIN 09/05/2009

Should anyone outside Italy be interested in getting some number or to subsribe here is the link for a request of infos

I hope this has been useful or at least interesying to y'all.


bluedonkey99 said...

thanks for this, always happy to receive contribution from readers.

there are some comparison of the IXO/Altaya aircraft against, Corgi and F-Toys/Cafe REo here

this will also give you some pics

many thanks

smeg1959 said...

Moresby and Martin,

I've just visited the DeAgostini site and the series is definitely the Altaya/IXO one. Given the reluctance of Altaya to take subscriptions outside of France and Spain, it will be interesting to see whether our Italian colleagues are more forthcoming.

As several regular visitors to this blog would know, many of the Altaya issues are finding their way onto eBay, with some bidders paying up to $US50, especially on new releases. I'm still waiting for a Bv222 under $US30 because postage to Oz is so damned high! :-(

bluedonkey99 said...


the order section of the italian site only allows foe the entry of italian adresses :(

interestingly they are giving away an apache and arado with subscription.

there is some debate as to whether or not the arados are 1/72 and/or 1/144 as the arado definitely figures in their 1/72 junior series, but it is not clear with regard tot the 1/144

the thing that is frustrating is that in the newsagents the deagostino stuff is all over them in the form of serialised collections ... but no bombers, not even the model power/takara 1/300 series also sold be deagostinio

Anonymous said...

Back on topic, I see that Sweet are listing the A6M5 Model 52 as their next release, so this one might be restricted only to the magazine.

smeg1959 said...


Couldn't agree more re: DeAgostini - they even flog stuff here in Oz through the newsagents. I suppose the bombers might be a tad too large, but I have seen some pretty big attachments on some mags over the years. Ok, they might blanch at the Bv222!

Even though there's a 1/144 Ar234B in the pipeline, I think the bonus is the 1/72 scale version.

Sorry Anon for derailing the main topic! ;-)

oliver said...

i got this magazine and kit in the mail today. whilst the kit is appreciated, some of the recycled articles and builds aren't. half the mag (or perhaps more than half) is filled with previous articles from Scale Aviation magazine.

on the back there is a fold-out plan/drawing of the A6M3 in 1/48 scale. just FYI.