Monday, February 02, 2009

1/144 News about SWEET!

1/144 News (ok, strong rumour) about SWEET!

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Following discussions amongst 'reliable sources', there is a strong possibility of the following releases this year.......

1/144 Spitfire MK. IX by Sweet
1/144 Hurricane IIa by Sweet (IIb is held up due issues re molding cannons)
1/144 Nakajima A6M2-N Navy Type 2 Rufe by Sweet

You know that had to get a Zero in there somehow.
Interesting for the Rufe there was a special conversion of this kit available only at Wonderfest only - it appears it may now be released as full kit?


Marvin said...

About damn time! I hope we'd see late variants like a Mk 14 (with classic elliptical wings, please), a Mk 16 with bubble canopy and a Mk 19 PRU with contra-rotating props. Now, gotta build my Academy Mk 5 in anticipation :-).

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