Monday, February 23, 2009

1/144 USA JETS by DARON !?

1/144 USA JETS by DARON !?

A new range of modern military jets + stand...
The site says Die-Cast... this used to mean metal in the old day, some companies are useing this in the context of plastic which i think is misleading?

Winged Fighters F/A-18 Blue Angels 1/144
Winged Fighters F/A-18C VMFA-232 Operation Iraqi Freedom 1/144
Winged Fighters F/A-18 Uss Independence 1/144

Winged Fighters F-16C USAF Fighting Fulcrums 1/144
Winged Fighters F-16 1/144 Wolf Pack 8 TFW80 Tfs Scorpion Sq
Winged Fighters F-16 Thunderbird 1/144

Winged Fighters F-15C USAF ELGIN'S Gorillas 1/144
Winged Fighters F-15C 1/144 USAF Weapons School 57FG

Winged Fighters F-14B Usn Jolly Rogers 1/144
Winged Fighters F-14 VF-32 Swordsman Cag Bird 1/144


rumour that these will come to UK - price unknown


pbhawkin said...

I am looking forward to the next in the series titled; 'UNwinged fighters'!!
I can't think of any fighters that didn't have wings.

bluedonkey99 said...

?? UN Winged, or UNwinged?

which bit of the site did i miss?

Anonymous said...

I picked up one of the F-16s out of cuiosity, and mainly because there really is no accuate F-16 kit out there. F-Toys had a decent F-16, but it's a Block-15 and that's just not as attractive as the Block-30 or 50 to me. It also requires heavy paint stripping and a lot of putty to fill the gaps, to make into a real model. But I digress.

Daron's F-16 is actually very nice. It's all metal with what appears to be styrene/plastic missiles and external tanks, but it has very nice surface detail with lots of panel lines and even rivets! It also appears to be very accurate in detail, overall shape, and a very nice canopy, unlike the awful Revell and DML kits. The paintjob is no where near what Roberto or Fumi are capable of, but it's passable.

So, I recommend the F-16, but only at discount prices. It's just not an $18 plane. Still, it's a bargain compared to the recent Century Wings and the Strike Fighter releases.

As for "winged" vs. "unwinged", I suppose attack helicopters would be the "un"-winged take on the whole fighter theme.

zang92 said...

I am very pleased with the whole collection, they are just each of them superior to any other similar
models from other manufacturers. Mainly made of metal including details like wing tanks, engine nozzles, nose probes, full undercarriage which remains, however, the finest I ever saw in this scale, they are all fited with
opening cockpit, and in the case of
F15, retractable air brake. Moulding is crisp, and their paint
job, top notch. I am now waiting
for some other versions to be released this summer, and just hope DARON will produce other models of same quality. Thank's to