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1/144 Valiant Kits, A Review by David Campbell

1/144 Valiant Kits, A Review by David Campbell
Currently available are the Welsh models Multi-media, Vacform, resin and white metal kit and Richard Colvert's Multimedia, resin, white metal and etch version.
The Welsh model is based on the previous vacform with the wings, tailplane, fin and tanks now in resin. The undercarriage, doors , wing fences and refuelling probe are in white metal. The fuselage consists of two halves that fit around 4 formers with the bomb aimer's blister and cockpit canopy as separate, but not clear, parts. Assembly of the parts is straight forward but filler will be needed on the wing to fuselage joint and I think a spar might be needed. Blending in with filler will also be required around the fin. The undercarriage is a single part but lacks the retraction struts. Decals are on two sheets in my issue which is designed for a camouflaged version. The roundels are screen printed on one sheet and a second laser printed sheet has the codes, badges and stencils on it. This is welcome although only printed in black ink.
Richard Colvert's model is all new - the fuselage is one piece and there is a mould line down the sides with a pour point on the rear fuselage which will need careful removal. The flying surfaces are well cast and include the vortex generators that covered parts of the wing, tailplane and fin. The wings plug into large recesses in the body and it looks as if only a small amount of filler will be needed. The main wheel bogies are a four part assembly with resin wheels fitting onto the metal hubs and the retraction struts are provided. The decal sheet has two options, one for an all high speed silver Valiant as used over Suez and the other all white as preserved at Cosford.

The price in the UK is similar - the Welsh Models is £37.50 and Richard Colvert is £35 These are both less expensive than the Anigrand model that is due out later this month - watch this space!


David Campbell (2009)

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Good to finally see some details on these kits, but the pictures are so heavily compressed they are next to useless. Can you repost some pics without the compression turned up quite so high please?