Sunday, April 26, 2009

Algernon Tease Pictures - #2

Algernon Tease Pictures - #2

more pictures from Algernon on the basis of some future (Big bird) releases?
This time the items are painted, even if the pictures are tiny :(

Heinkel He-177 "Greif"


Mark Taylor said...

If I remember rightly the next Big Bird series from Cafe Reo was :
H8K Emily
C-47 Spooky.

So they must be getting close to release ... although its a fairly boring lot , Altaya beat them with the He177 and Emily.


Anonymous said...

Altaya 's Emily is the worst model of their line: heavily riveted (those rivets would look better on a 1/144 tank kit), with an oddly looking 'thing' (a gun??) glued on the cockpit and engines protruding from the nacelles. I am collecting the De Agostini edition of Altaya models but I have bought the Arii kit.