Sunday, April 26, 2009

1-144 Grumman XF101F-1 Jaguar (Miniwing)

1-144 Grumman XF10 F-1 Jaguar (Miniwing)
A new "eary jet" from Miniwing, this experimental aicraft as one of the first sucessful swing wing designs. This provide effecttive, even if little else of the aircraft did!

Minigwing have produced a nice kit of the unusual item, allowing for straight or swept wing, I imagine most people will still go for the swing wing option! The resin is freshlu cast and the detail crisp and clean. A seperately moulded ejection seat and accompanying cockpit decal should add detial in an often over looked area!

It comes with striking decals from Kura at Y-Kraft and they help make for a striking kit.

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