Wednesday, April 01, 2009

1/144 F-15J/DJ JASDF MIX by Takara

1/144 F-15J/DJ JASDF MIX by Takara

What can I say? Lots of nice colourful F-15s of the JASDF
interestingly using the same WOTL:FAOW stands with LED.

Available 05/2009
Cost: 2,100 Yen


IKE said...


We call it "gimmicks", and "gi" means the technique or the skill in Japanese.
So it is not in entering by four planes even if it is called mix, it's 2100 yen each.
I feel it expensively a little.

bluedonkey99 said...

ok, i see

a subtle play on words!

and yes, it seem a lot at 2,100 yen per aircraft?

but, cheaper than the ORGANIC F-4 at 3,600 yen!

what happened to 500 Yen aircraft?