Sunday, April 12, 2009

1/144 Modern Fighter Collection Series 11 (updated)

1/144 Modern Fighter Collection Series 11. (updated)
Doyusha / Dragon

These will be displayed at : Shizuoka Hobby Show (15-16/05/2009):
Release date: Not known.

There are all JASDF

1/144 Doyusha Vol.11 "Samurai Guardian angels :Apache long bow,F-15 Eagle,F-4 Phantom"
  • AH-64 Long Bow Apache warrior
  • F-15 Eagle
  • F-4 Phantom
  • +Special?
6x items + Special? - So maybe 2x of each type?
Price @525 Yen each

1/144 現用機コレクション ■完成塗装済みボディ
thanks to Akira for the update.


Anonymous said...

"There are all JASDF"


Why not some foreign F-4s and F-15s as well ? I like the JASDF birds but there are many great Phantom and Eagle special schemes around the world too. For example : Israeli F-4E, German F-4F, Iranian F-4E, Israeli F-15I, etc.

bluedonkey99 said...

The products are aimed at the doemstic market hence JASDF.

If the products were aimed at the american market like the recent DARON products, they would by USA birds!?

I agrre with you however, there are lots of other schemes form countries out there such as the NATO "tiger meets" that would appeal, I am sure that the Tiger theme would also sell well in Japan!?

Werwulf said...

Anyone know what the Doyusha F-4's are like? Are they the same as the J-Wings ones?

zang92 said...

I love my 1/144 collection of more
than 2300 flying machines, of which
1000 are built models. From Wright
Flyer to Space Shuttle, planes of
nearly all periods have been made.
Unfortunately, jets of the '50s are
completely forgotten, most wanted
being US carrier based aircrafts.
But british and french fighters of
same period would also be great
addition to our collections. In this respect, I won't buy this new
sempiternal collection of japanese
variants of F4 and F15. So sorry !

bluedonkey99 said...


you should contact Don Schmenk for 1950/1960s USA and others

or Creations Chaubert for cool french 1950/1960s jets!


badger said...

Doyusha F-4s are slightly below CafeReo & F-Toys. They have less detail, but have very sharp and crisp overall paint. As a result, they come off a bit cartoonish. The wheel wells and landing gears lack adequate detail, and are simply too clean.

Doyusha's are F-4EJ. Ftoys/Platz are F-4EJ Kai. CafeReo/Jwings are F-4EJ as well. Both Doyusha and Ftoys did label a few of their F-4s as RF-4EJ, which were only an RF-4 in paint schemes alone. The kit was still clearly and F-4EJ, as you could tell by the nose. You'd have to extensivly modify the nose section to make these RF-4s.

I would only recommend the Doyusha F-4s, to those wanting to use the Thunderbirds decals from the old LS kit, on better plastic than what LS put out some 20 years ago. Other than that, I can't imagine why anyone would collect any Doyusha kits. They're low in quality, detail, and have passable paint schemes. The paint does come off very easily though, so you could use them as canvas for the many other paint schemes the Phantom adorned.