Saturday, May 30, 2009

1/144 Anigrand Bonus Kits Inventory - Ike

1/144 Anigrand Bonus Kits Inventory
Ike has complied a great inventory of the bonus kits for each of the Anigrand Releases.
He still has a few holes in the list, so if you have suggestions for the later releases
suggestion can be left here


rkmasuk said...

Many of cases the bonus kits are more interessanting than the major kit...

Prototype Pip said...

I've gone completely insane ordering Anigrand kits for the bonus kits. Spending like crazy for a P71 and tiny Russian batplanes...they are so great.
I need serious help.

bluedonkey99 said...


dont forget that if you only want the bonus prototypes, there are people out there who only want the main items. If you ebay the main kit on is own (be sure to make this clear in the description) you may be surprised who much of your original purchase price you can revcover!