Monday, May 25, 2009

1/144 RAAF Beaufighter

1/144 RAAF Beaufighter
A new range of 1/144 Aircraft from Victorian Hobby Centre in Melbourne, Australia
The first release of a range of 1/144th scale aircraft.The first aircraft is the RAAF Mk XXI Beaufighter with decals for three aircraft from 93 Sqn, the "Green Ghost" squadron.
The aircraft are SK-E "Ginger Meggs", SK-N "Babs" and SK-P "Barren-Joey" .
The kits are priced at $AU 20 plus postage.
The kits are (almost) one piece resin castings with props, tail planes, undercarriage and closed undercarriage doors as separate castings.
Other kits in the `pipeline' include - you may notice a certain theme!
(so far and in no particular order of release):

The VHC are `toying' with the idea of producing the Beaufighter in Mk VI and Mk I variants.

The next kit for release is not known at this stage.
The Vic Hobby Centre can be contacted by phone – 03 9560 4817 or via their website
( with global shipping)
All I can say, is any new 1/144 manufacturer is most welcome!!!


badger said...

Miniwing (Radek) will be releasing a Beaufighter Mk.I later this year as well. We've all come to expect crisp detailed kits from him, so I'm sure they'll be outstanding as usual. Finally, along with the Aussie kits, we'll get some Beaufighters to work on!

olivier30330 said...

hi of France
Another product of Jack Chaubet
French and Japan Rufe, Skua, OS2U Kingfisher and Bréguet 14 of WW1

pbhawkin said...

AND VERY nice they look too Olivier. I am sure they will sell well.

Peter H