Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1/144 Creations Chaubet - Metal kit

1/144 Creations Chaubet - Metal kit

Jacques has been busy producing some new kits, i think these will enable you to fill some holes in your collection. Some people are a little shy of metal kits, but there is not too much to worry about, they are a little more sturdy than resin kits and once primed should present to many different problems to comprable resin kits.

The releases for may are as follows: Usually they can be ordered in kit for or built form, obviosuly built form costs more due to the extra man hours.

Currently there is a special offer: 5 bought kits : the 6th free one


Anonymous said...

I have bought a dozen of unpainted, unmounted kits, and a couple of painted ones.

They seem dimensionally correct, and you may find many plastic or resin kits with thicker wings and ailerons. Panel details should be rescribed (not too difficult with white metal kits like these). You won't find open undercarriage wells on some model, but, in my opinion the solod metal canopies are thei worst defect.
Decals are good; painted models come airbrushed, propellers apart, with clear canopies in silver/metallic azure, with cockpit frames painted black.

I don't suggest you to buy planes already available in the plastic model or kit ranges (Zeros, bf-109 etc): there are many interesting subjects, though: p-39, P-40es, Me-410 snd a LOT of French fighters and bombers.


bluedonkey99 said...

Fair comments,

as previously stated the range of 1950s-1960s french protoypes are fantastic.

other items are available in plastic/resin - that said metal is prety handy and robust for wargaming.

the ggod news, it adds to the number and options available for 1/144 buyers.