Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1/144 Releases by Anigrand

#AA-4004b 1/144 scale Handley-Page Victor K.2 British rapid tanker
+ Bonus Aircraft
Available: June 2009

#AA-4036 1/144 scale Hawker Siddeley Nimrod MR.2 British submarine killer
+ Bonus Aircraft
Available: July 2009

#AA-4037 1/144 scale Nakajima G5N-1/-2 Shinzan Scourge of the Pacific
+ Bonus Aircraft
Available: August 2009
#AA-4005b 1/144 scale Boeing C-17B Advanced Globemaster III Next generation of C-17
+ Bonus Aircraft
Available: August 2009


rmasuk said...

Wow..thanks Anigrand...I could make the the 4 most wanted planes in my collection..the V-bombers and Nimrod...I wrote the Revell AG,to Trump,to minicraft/hobbycraft..and none of these producers listened me ..
I think these 4 will sell well ,UK modelers like 1/144 and these 4 are in this scale are in perfect size to collection.
If I could make more sugestion...
-Ac-119K(o-1 bird dog,Mohawk and At-37 tweet as bonus)
-C-141 starlifter

bluedonkey99 said...

it is a nice range, you can't deny that the bonus kits help sell these !

and if the allegded Sperrin comes off you have pretty much got the big boys of the 50s and 60s wrapped up from a Brit perspective.

obviously, there would be some Brit transports etc, but Welsh models do those for who ever is interested?

Then again then again, there must be"secret projects" that could in the frame?

rkmasu said...

Of that Sperrin set I only could cry... because I wanted so much the JAVELIN... is a nice plane...
I also could like if we had a nice Sunderland kit with some bonus kits like barracuda,skua or walrus.. of course many could tell there are die casts of corgi or altaya..but these are metal and I like more plastic option...