Sunday, June 13, 2010

1/144 E-10 Jagdpanzer - Panzer Depot

As voted for by readers of this blog!
PanzerDepot have produced the E-10 Jagdpanzer based upon the PzKpfw 38 (d) chassis.
Designed to utilise a standardise platform for a family of armoured vehicles, the E-10 was meant to replace the successful 'Hetzer' Jagdpanzer based upon the 38(t)

I am liking the look of this, but then I am biased as you know already... Any Luft'46 or Panzer'46 is top of my list! These E-10s look promising I look forward to getting my hands on them.

E-10 Entwicklung Series at: wiki info and Achtung Panzer

Available: Now
$16.80 USD (Camo)
$15.80 USD (DunkelGelb)

remember, you asked for these so....
If you want to encourage more from the Panzer'46 polls to be built you know where to buy:

For those who are not fans, then do not despair more will be coming for you too...


Anonymous said...

nice ... definitely cheaper than the one from Atelier Infinite @

badger said...

I've compared some of the releases to Atelier and they seem to be identical. In every aspect of their detail, they are exactly the same. It's virtually impossible to make two kits of the same subject matter with every nuance be exactly the same, specially for armor kits in 144. You just can't get two to be exactly the same, unless they're designed in CAD and manufactured by a 3D printer. Even then, you might miss a rivet or place panels and hatches in slightly different location. Some of the Panzer Depot kits are IDENTICAL to Atelier, which makes me wonder if PD releases are re-casts. It might explain why they're half the price.

Panzer Depot quality is actually very good and quite nice for subject matter not covered by anyone else. It's just that Atelier is made by master modelers and due to the craftsmanship, it takes them a couple of weeks to fulfill an order. Atelier painted kits are masterfully done and superior to anything else I've seen. They're just not attainable outside of Japan, unless you go through an intermediary.

I just hope that PD are not ripping off Atelier, or perhaps they're licensed to release their kits. They do release uncovered subject matter every once in a while, so perhaps they're an offshoot of some of Atelier? Who knows. According to tankzone, they'll be releasing a Comet, A30 Challenger, LVT & Jeep Willy, M16 Multi Gun Carriage, and Sd.Kfz.7 & 88mm Flak soon. These are all very decent in their own right, the majority of which are not covered by anyone else. Dameya had an LVT a while ago, and the 88mm is out by WTM & Matsuo. Dameya & another guy on ebay had jeeps, both of which are outstanding, but pricey.

By the way, on the same subject matter, there are a couple of guys on ebay selling repainted re-casts of what seem to be Fairy, Dameya, Atelier, and Labpsychdelico kits. I bought a kit from them thinking it was a legit Daimler Mk2 scout car. However, it was a very poor re-cast with parts thrown in a bag and no instructions. I happen to get a real release a few days later and compared the two. Clearly, they made a mold and are selling re-casts. Believe me, it was quite obvious. In some instances they're painting them and selling them as Metal Troops releases, a company which hasn't been around for a while. Perhaps they're what's left of Metal Troops, because their paint quality is really outstanding. Anyway, this isn't a warning of any kind, but just first hand information in my dealings with them. By the way, I called him up on the fake kits and he gave me a partial refund, so you decide for yourself what's going on.

Anonymous said...

some of them also look like Fairy and KdK?

badger said...

Not really related to this topic, but HLJ is now selling Fairy kits. Outstanding!!!