Thursday, June 10, 2010

1/144 USAF/USN Jets by DARON

For those of you who may have missed these last year (Feburary 2009) for thier USA release, it appears that this (slightly reduced sized) set of aircraft it to be released in Japan "Late 2010"

Diecast (as in metal, i believe - or, at least for these prices ?)

Prior post including High Quality Images here on KG144

Available: ??/2010
Price: 4830 Yen (these come presentation boxed)

However the pricing seem a bit strange?
4830 = 50 USD! and in the USA these were 17.80 USD = 1600 Yen!?

Source: Amnetcity, so they are usually reliable with their data.


zang92 said...

These superb models are by far,
superior to same models from any other manufacturers. Mainly made of
metal, including details like wing
tanks, antennas and nose probes,
exhaust nozzles and full undercarriage which remains, however, the finest I ever saw in that scale, they are all fited with
opening cockpits, and in the case of the F15, retractable air brake.
Mouldings are very crisp, and care
given to well chosen decorations,
top notch. I am now waiting for some new versions to be released
this summer, and just hope DARON
will produce in near future, other
models of same quality. Thank's to

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy! more tomcats. Next will be stukas and 262's....

badger said...

These are hardly worth 5000Yen. They must be out of their mind. You can get these at airshows for around $15USD in the states. They're quite easy to find and even sell on ebay for around $25 every once in a while.

In my opinion, they're very good, but just not worth more than $15USD. Then again, I've seen some resin kits sell in excess of $100USD one month and $10 the next. So, "worth" is subjective at best and all it takes is 1 guy to drive up the price to insane levels. I seem to recall some guy paying $700 for a $4 F-Toys Seaking, and then bragging about it here claiming that we're just jealous that we can't pay that much for a painted kit. Might want to look into to the $10 kit from Sweet with decals to make 3 different versions!

There are over 500 paint schemes for tomcats, and I'm crazy enough to want them all. Yes, lowviz & highviz alike! I grew up on that bird and I still buy a couple of the Revell kits every month just so I have enough kits for all the aftermarket decals being released so regularly. "Worth" is truly subjective and insanity is quite relative.