Thursday, June 10, 2010

1/144 T-4 JASDF Jet Trainer - GIGA Pro (update)

Air World Collection Vol.1 by GIGA Pro

You can see for yourself this is a range of T-4 Jet Trainers for the JASDF and is the same aircraft as used by the Blue Impluse Acrobatic display team as used in the recent Doyusha release.... see previous post for T-4 Blue Impulse Team

It would appear however that these are not the same molds as the Doyousha/Dragon release!
It will be interesting then to see if or what GIGAPro release next? (F-14,F-15 or F-4? ha ha!)

This GIGA Pro "Air World Collection - Vol.1", will have 9x T-4 in various colour markings, plus 2x special colour options?

Available: August 2010
Price: 600 Yen

Sources: Badger, 8-bee, HobbySearch


rkmasu said...

Someone in Japan could say if these are same tooling of Acroteam T-4?
And if paint came easy ?..the Acroteam series paint is to hard to remove..

badger said...

Hires images:

These appear to be a completely different tooling than both F-Toys and Doyusha releases. Paint looks good and the detail looks pretty nice.

rkmasu said...

Looks the canopy is better(the Acroteam had a plug inside..
And paint looks are not that dull paint hard to remove..I think I will pick some these.. now they have this 2 blue painting and together with that SEA style camo (one of special was painted this way)are very interessanting..
Well I destroyed one Acroteam T-4 trying remove the paint..rubbing alchohol not worked..only aceton..or nail paint remover work but harm the plastic...