Friday, June 18, 2010

1/144 F-5E/F RoCAF Decals - BestFong

Bestfong has release thier first 1/144 decal set, real transfer decals (not Alps).

This still offers a detailed and comprehensive set of decals for those wanting a differing subject, or for an aircraft to stand againt your PLA/PLAAF (China) aircraft?

Decals for 4x F-5E/F Aircraft of the RoCAF (Republic of China Airforce (Taiwan))
Plus excellent Instructions

#11. 1/144 F-5E/F R.O.C. (Taiwan) AF
Available: Now
Price: 4USD.

1 comment:

Kazama said...

This decal is factory printed,not DIY ALPS printed...
Really good!