Monday, February 07, 2011

1/144 Boeing 747 'Project Cutaway' - Dragon

1-144 Boeing 747 Project Cutaway: Wonders of Mankind - Dragon.jpg

Announced at the 2011 Hong Kong Toy Fair:
Dragon are to launch a series of 'educational models' featuring cutaway sections.It would appear the series overall will be of different subjec types and scales. However, in the first set of releases there is a Boeing 747 (I have checked the Revell 747 and they are not the same) the assumption is it is a new mold. It is not clear if these will be prebuilt and prepainted (possibley?)

Also an orange "Braniff" Version!? (

Available: tbc
Price: tbc

Thanks to Bootneck42


zang92 said...

It appears to be same series that
offered us the 1:72 Space Shuttle,
1:100 Saturn V Cutaway models. Next
models being 1:32 Apollo, 1:24 LEM
and 1:350 Titanic. This wonderful
DRAGON line consist of painted and easy snap assembly kits. Along
AOSHIMA 1:144 high quality space
models, and DRAGON 1:144, 1:400, and 1:72 air and space subjects, we truly are in a golden age of superbly built models. Thank's to
these 2 manufacturers.

Paul Harrison said...

The Thai kit is a 747-400 there is also a Braniff International 747-100 and a great looking Roman Colleseum.

Pics are on IPMS Deutschland's Nuremberg toy fair coverage
There is also a Cutaway Project poster showing the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. Link to main site.

Paul Harrison (Green Dragon)

Zang92 said...

Of interest is also an original 100
model of first user, PANAM.