Saturday, February 05, 2011

1/150 Industrial Complex by Tomytec

1/150 Industrial Complex part of the 'Visual Scene Series' by Tomytec

Its has been a while since I posted any train/railroad accessories.
However, when I saw this I thought it would be of interest for potential diorama uses?
It could be used as part of a industrial, or military complex?

The set will be available as a "mega set", or a individual components for you to compose as required. These item are prepainted, but may require minor assembley

Industrial Complex (14800Yen)
or as components:
A) Distillation Tower (1600Yen)
B) Cooling Tower (1600 Yen)
C) Gas Holder (2000 Yen)
D) Shipping Facility (1600 Yen)
E) Pipes Set ( 700 Yen)
F) Guard Hut (1600 Yen)

These would look good along side the Green Max factory kits (require painting and assembly) and some of the Tomytec Building Site (prepainted, Set and Components) such as those Portakabin Offices?

and if you prefer your site to be under construction there is Wood and Steel

Image Source: 1999 Hobby Search

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