Sunday, February 13, 2011

IJN Akagi - Towel!!! - Gigant Japan

IJN Akagi - Towel!!! - Gigant Japan

Only in Japan?

Did you ever fancy to add something different to your Diorama?

You know, that something different or unique that would stick in peoples mind as they left the model show, and say "Hey did you see that dio!?"

Well, now is your chance, as yu can be the proud owner of a Towel based upon the IJN AKAGI deck layout!

Dimensions: 22cm x 110cm
High Qaulity Cotton

Available: Now
Price: 1800 Yen

Also available as a set of T-Shirts(Akagi,Kaga,Hiryu & Soryu) and Towel(Akagi) (here)

Maybe for the next Wonderfest SWEET will produce a 1/144 Zero made from Soap?

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John Haverstock said...

If they ever make a USS Ronald Reagan towel, count me in. I would be all over that like a squadron of Tomcats!