Friday, July 29, 2011

1/144 Hanomag SS-100 - by Strategist‏

1/144 Hanomag SS-100 - by Strategist‏

The SS-100 was based upon the civilian SS-100 'Gigant' agricultural heavy tractor , for military purposes it was fitted with a larger 4 door cab and a winch was also added to the rear. Around 700 of this type were produced between 1941 and 1945.

Perhaps more widely known for its use by the Wehrmacht in pulling the 'Vidalwagon' & 'Meillerwagen' used to transport V-2 rockets or T-Stoff & B-Stoff fuel trailers. It was however more widely used the Luftwaffe on airfields for pulling larger bombers or the me-323, bomb loads and again fuel trailers such as a the B-Stoff Bowers for the Me-163 Fighter programme.

After the war the SS-100s served on as heaver movers by German 'fairground' companies.

The product characteristics of HANOMAG SS-100 by Strategist:
1. Independent rotating wheels.
2. Removal cab and upper body can be removed to reveal interior.
3. Removable seating assembly.
4. Front and rear glazing.
5. Ladder chassis and running gear detailing.

Materials: PU, ABS, Metal Alloy

The SS-100 is available in the following colour options:
Dunkel Gelb
Panzer Grau

More photos are available on the Strategist website:

You can even couple your Hanomag SS-100 to the 88mm also released by Strategist (see this WWII image and this PAK)

See Zetatoro on ebay for purchasing options

Price: $24.60
Available: July 2011


Anonymous said...

compared to the Japanese Matuo Kasten 's version, seems like a little bit expensive

the hole V-2 including vehicles is US 90 ...

and so does the light version P-1000


Anonymous said...

The cost of the strategist piece is in a similar ball park figure of the products sold by Panzer Depot or CGD Products. It maybe a little more expensive, but the packaging tends to by of a higher order. Strategist products also comes with clear plastic peices, metal axles and a fair degree of detailing, including multiple parts.

All three of course are also preassembled and prepainted.

The Matuo Kasten peices can not be bough seperately. It comes as a resin kit (and resin kits still scare many) that requires a great deal of tiding up and still requires self assembly and painting, it also critically does not have the detailing it is a silos blog and four wheels.

See the attched images of what you get out the box of Matuo Kasten

Dont get me wrong MK produces some great items that no one else will touch, but I think your cost analysis does not compare 'apples with apples' and as such is flawed.