Thursday, July 12, 2012

1/144 Bristol Bloodhound Mk.2 - Matti's Minis

1/144 Bristol Bloodhound Mk.2 - Matti's Minis
New guy Matti produces an excellent model without peer in 1/144 a classic SAM, what better way to guard your 1/144 RAF fleet of Hunters, Lightnings, TSR-2s and rest of the V-Bomber Force?

Introduced into RAF service in the 1950s, this ramjet powered rocket could reach Mach 2.7 and had a range of 85km. "By the time the missile has just cleared the launcher it is doing 400 mph. By the time the missile is 25 feet from the launcher it has reached the speed of sound (around 720 mph). Three seconds after launch, as the four boost rockets fall away, it has reached Mach 2.5 which is roughly 1,800 mph"

 It was also used by Australia, Singapore, Switzerland and Sweden.

 For mor info on this missile system and those who used it, please refer to the following links:
Available in
"White, Strong & Flexible"
"Fine Ultra Detail"


Markus Schindler said...

That's an absloute must-have!

I built my own Bloodhound a decade or so ago (out of plasticard, spares and - believe it or not - uncooked spaghetti).

Guess the Shapeways one in Fine Ultra will be much better, haha! = )

bluedonkey99 said...

Good effort with the pasta!

Your blog is fantastic looking project!