Monday, July 16, 2012

1/144 Mi-8MT/Mi-17 - Eastern Express

1/144 Mi-8MT/Mi-17 - Eastern Express
Sprue shots of these have been popping up on Eastern European model sites for some time, and now it appears they should be reaching our shores soon.

It appears there is a Mi-17 that comes with options for two Aeroflots liveries, and a MI-8 that come with a military and an "unknown" livery.

However, the after-market for decals should explode on this item as there have been so many national users!

EE 14500 1/144 Mi-8MT/Mi-17
EE 14501 1/144 Mi-8MT/Mi-17

the other hot news is to expect a Mi-26 will release about August time!

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