Friday, July 13, 2012

1/144 US M12 & German G4W31 - Panzer Depot

1/144 US M12 & German G4W31 - Panzer Depot
Panzer Depots releases this month provide both an American and German item at opposing ends of the scales.

The 155 mm Gun Motor Carriage M12 was a U.S. self-propelled gun developed during the Second World War. Only 100 were built; 60 in 1942 and a further 40 in 1943. It mounted a 155 mm gun M1917, M1917A1 or M1918 M1, depending upon availability. (source:

The Mercedes-Benz W31 typ G4 was a German three-axle off-road vehicle first produced by Mercedes-Benz as a staff/command car for the Wehrmacht in 1934. The cars were designed as a seven-seater touring car or closed saloon and were mainly used by upper echelons of the Nazi regime in parades and inspections as they were deemed too expensive for general Army use.(source:



Anonymous said...

George @ Panzer Depot :

Is it possible to roll out US half track like

DHT-5 Marmon Herrington , M14, T30, T54 @


Ford-Marmon-Herrington T9E1

Ford-Marmon-Herrington 1937


bluedonkey99 said...


you should contact PanzerDepot directly, I am not sure man people read these comments many days after the initial post?

as for the links, some much more interesting items than the ones you suggest on those links :D