Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1/144 C-2A 'Greyhound' Conversion - OzMods

1/144 C-2A 'Greyhound' Conversion - OzMods
Ok, its not the first (Y-Kraft), its not the most detailed and expensive (Foxone), but it is the best value and most practical. That right, OzMods have commissioned a new conversion for the Revell Hawkeye kit and will be available from thier website soon. The kit will consist of two half shells of transparent clear injected plastic for the revised fuselage, plus injected tail plane and cargo doors, accompanied by a resin cockpit, nose wheel well and assorted aerials. Decals are provided for USN VRC-30.

See OzMods Website ( here  & contacts)

Also available seperately are the Hamilton 8 Blade Propellers.

An out of the box review will be produced shortly.

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