Saturday, December 15, 2012

1-144 Torbruk Dio/Gaming pieces - CGD

1-144 Torbruk Wargaming / Diorama Pieces - CGD (CG Dynamix)

New products from  CGD (CG Dynamix) Wargaming and Diorama Series, resin cast bases with supplied or optional upgrade pieces made from WSF or FUD shapeways parts.

Bauform 206 with 5cm Festungsgranatwerfer - Toburk (Summer) (ebay)

5 cm Kwk 39 Anti Tank Gun Emplacement (with Gun) Summer (ebay)

5cm Kwk39 for Emplacement (DGelb) (DGrau)

Bauform 202 with Machine Gun  - Toburk with Gunner (Summer) (ebay)

 5cm Kwk 39 Anti Tank Gun for Bauform 667 Dunkelgelb (ebay)
 5cm Kwk 39 Anti Tank Gun for Bauform 667 Dunkelgrau (ebay)

 Bauform H667 ( 4x Seasons - ebay)

Previous Bauform H667 release:

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