Sunday, December 16, 2012

1/144 Me-163s and Scheuch Slepper - Matti`s Mini`s

1/144 Me-163s and Scheuch Slepper - Matti`s Mini`s
Matti's Mini's has been working on a number of interesting items, two of which that have caught my attention are the Me-163s and the Scheuch Slepper.

The Me-163s is a training version of the regular Me-163B with the rocket motor and fuel tanks removed enabling the installation of a second seat and revised canopy in order that pilots could learn critical landing skills. Interestingly the Russians captured and test flew a number of these 163S variants after the war.

The kit here is presented simply the take off dolley wheels, main fuselage and a canopy, as all three are in the FUD (Fine Ultra Detail) material from Shapeways it means the canopy is opaque  However, I feel the reason why this piece is separate is that it may provide the option for a 'heat bashed' canopy to be made (this would require a little work then to add some interior detailing.

The Scheuch Slepper is a more unusual device, design to assist in the handling of the Me-163 on airfields  derived from a pre-war agricultural 'tractor' it was adapted and with with a trailing wheel are tow rope or bar, or the one of two versions of a hydraulic trailer with either lifting arms or inflatable bladders, the former and one most commonly associated with this aircraft.

The Schllepper should also work well with your Project Flieger Me-163B bonus kit, and may even be able to handle the Project Flieger Me-163C variant (although this is not confirmed to-date). It is presented here in three parts giving your the ability to configure the kit in one of two ways.

Both items are available separately to purchase.

It would also be happy pulling a V-1 on its wheeled dolley/trailer (see V-1 option on KG-144) as shown on the link below:

Additional interesting items are available directly from Matti's Mini's:


Anonymous said...

Great ! Finally the kit is available.
Anyone bought this kit? How does it compare to the German version ?

and the coming new Magirus ARW

Wonder who will roll out the 1/144 Borgward - Goliath F.400
Dreirad Lieferwagen, mod.1938 ?


bluedonkey99 said...


try here!


Anonymous said...

more pictures for 1/144 Magirus ARW @

only 1500 yen a piece !

Any manufacturer has the guts to roll out Sägevollgatter auf Anhänger fahrbar ?