Sunday, December 30, 2012 and New Releases! and New Releases!
Dameya has relaunched his website  for Domestic Japanese customers, with a more modern layout and sophisticated features.

 However, fear not, outside of Japan you can still order via Dameya's Shapeways Store!  His latests models are both old favourites and new items to 1/144 (and possibly wider scales?)

1/144 PzKpfw IV ausf.D (Kit)
This workhorse of the Wehrmacht is provided here in exceptional detail for a 1/144 kit, I think this release may have something to do with the sucess of "Girls und Panzer" Anime? (see below!)

1/144 Panjandrum (Kit)
A quick google search doesn't reveal an other models of the item, along with Hobart's Funnies, it was conceived to counter act German defences on the beaches of Normandy by smashing a path through obstacles in its path. Although spectacular it was not a very effective device and it never reached full production. (see also CGDs Hobarts funnies) 

1/144 sIG33 15cm Heavy infantry cannon (Kit)
Another finely produced kit of the largest designated infantry weapon, designed not as an antitank weapon but rather for demolishing obstacles and strong points/bunkers. It was also mounted on or integrated into other self-propelled platforms

Girls und Panzer  (ガールズ&パンツァー Gāruzu ando Pantsā?)


Anonymous said...

Nice kits but very expensive !

However, there are still very deep pockets buyer waiting for new kits. The Bigger Spender still willing to spend USD 100+ for just ONE kit !

Check out this auction @

May be the next hot kit ?

Anonymous said...

There not "kits" they are completed models. It is not uncommon for modellers in Japan to sell of their finished items on Yahoo.Jp and they often get a good price too.