Sunday, December 23, 2012

1/144 M1A2 TUSK2 - Matuo Kasten

1/144 M1A2 TUSK2 - Matuo Kasten

We have not featured anything from Matuo Kasten for a while, but he has been busy creating some impressive items. One of the most recent of which is a comprehensive kit of the M1A2 TUSK2 (Tank Urban Survival Kit 2) a masterpiece in resin!

The M1000 Tractor and M1070 Semi Trailer are available as seperate kits, and are not included with the M1A2 TUSK2 kit.

Please also be reminded that Matuo Kasten does a range of other kits for modern US Armoured Fighting Vehicles as well as a range of modern and historical aviation and combat vehicles and is happy to ship worldwide, in addition they can also be found on Radjapan and HLJ websites. It must be notes that the Matuo Kasten kits are not for the Novice some experience is required to maximise the result.

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