Tuesday, December 24, 2013

1/144 Mitsubishi Type 93 Ki 1-II - by by A & W Models

1/144 Mitsubishi  Ki 1-II  ( Type 93) - by by A & W Models
An early series of aircraft in Japanese service, based upon Early Junkers S-36 / AB Flygindustri K37 aircraft. These aircraft where used by the Japanese in campaigns on the Chinese mainland in the late 1930s.

AW specialise in Japanese Aviation, many of which are exclusive to 1/144.

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Image source; HLJ , also can be ordered via Radjapan

They also issued the Ki-2, which with a degree of scratch work could be converted to a Mitsubishi Ohtori (Phoenix) record breaking/experimental plane (see 1/48 model)


Anonymous said...

Haven't these kits been out for some years?

Anonymous said...

Only the ki-2, the Ki-1 is new