Tuesday, December 24, 2013

1/144 The Tupolev ANT-20/bis 'Maxim Gorky' - RusAir

1/144 The Tupolev ANT-20/bis  'Maxim Gorky' - RusAir  
I don't know too much about this release 'coming soon, though imagine it will be a short run plastic or resin kit?
Its also not clear if the kit will allow you to build two versions of this aircraft, or whether there will be two issues of the kit.

Only two of these aircraft where built and seem to be part transport, part flying propaganda/cultural centres!
These aircraft where also the largest of their type using the Junkers corrugated sheet metal principals.

I cant find a RusAir website but judging that all thier other kits seem to go for the same price (US 69, Roubles 1950, equates to 36-40 GBP)

interesting Youtube videos of the ANT-20

Clearly if you bought the Anigrand  Kalinin K-7 this is the one for you (or maybe Revells Junkers G-38?)


Source: http://www.findmodelkit.com/category/news-scale/1144

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