Friday, December 13, 2013

F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Vol.13 - F-Toys

F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Vol.13 - F-Toys
I don't know what the theme is across this release unless its some form of 'early birds' - it's not being marketed as an extension or part to to WKC Vol.7...

We are however promised 'new molds' for some of the types previously issued by other manufacturers, and as you can see also have some new types to pick up.

Kawasaki Ki-100
Focke Wulf Fw-190 A4
Polikarpov I-16

Estimated  Release - February 2014

 bonus via HobiKore (sp?) shops - exclusive to certain retailer 


rmasu said...

Nice!! I will order a boxset..
Ealier Fw-190A.. short nosed.. this versions make the Butcher bird nickname..the A8 is more agressive looking.. but the earlier was clean lines..
Rata..very important plane..spanish war, chinese,russian,
Ki-100 I think was released as trading but.. is better than more Zeros

could be better...well if we had a Tempest..a J8M? a Mig-3 ,a P-36(colorfull planes), a D520,

F_IV said...

Cafereo's ki-100 will be very hard to beat. The Fw looks a bit skinny in the nose and fairly chunky around the cockpit and canopy. Hopefully it won't be too tricky to fix.
The I-16 is the one I was really waiting for. Can't wait to stockpile a whole bunch of those. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd like an I-16, but I cannot find them anywhere.

Unknown said...

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