Tuesday, December 24, 2013

1/144 US Navy F-14 Tomcat - Trumpeter

1/144 US Navy F-14 Tomcat - Trumpeter

The next in the series of eagerly awaited kits from Trumpeter, this time the awesome F-14 of the US Navy.
The IPMS assessment indicates that this kit provides even more option out of the box then the recent SU-27 issue, with the Tomcat coming with various early and late components, include two front fuselage sections!

For a initial out the box assessment see:

Test Build:

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John Haverstock said...

Its hard to imagine a better Tomcat in our scale than Revell AGs. I would certainly love to see them fill some other gaps in 1/144, maybe some A-7s and F-4s.... .

Brian said...

Just got 2 copies of the released kit and it looks very nice! It looks better than the Revell kit. The panel lines are very fine, not deep. The level of detail is beyond that of the Revell. I haven't test fit it yet but on the sprues, it is easily the best 1/144 Tomcat. One touch that is great is the inboard main gear doors that lay against the intake wall are molded in. One change and disappointment from the test shots shown is that the ECM bulge on the forward edge of the intake lip/top fuselage is not molded. Bummer but not hard to fix. Decals are not a high point - out of register, inaccurate in some fonts and size but provide the basics. Can't wait to build it!

Brian said...

Got some work done, kit builds beautifully. Decided to sell my 10 revell kits and buy 10 more of the Trumpeter. Hoping that the B/D releases will re-instate the ECM bulges the test shot shows...