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Weapon Series 1 - Japan (3D Printed Resin Kit) - Beaver Corp/Foxone

An interesting collection of late planning fighters and armour. It not clear if this will continue as a Japanese weapons series or expand to include other nationalities?

On the basis of this format, one possible route for the future could be for diorama sets, a bit like some of the earlier Japanese kits that came with starter trucks, fuel trucks or other diorama pieces?

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )
――This is the third collaboration project between Beaver Corporation and Fox One Design.

-[Tachibana] and [Type 5 Chi-Ri] are reproduced, and decals are also set in the kit.
--In addition, a [95 type small freight car] is also included as a bonus kit.
――This product is a resin kit.
――It is necessary to shape the sprue and burrs for assembly. At that time, various tools are required.
――Parts are very fine and thin.
--Please be careful not to damage or lose it when assembling.

* For intermediate and advanced users.
* This product is made by a 3D printer.
* Absolute ethanol is suitable for cleaning parts, but please avoid using it.
* Generally, it is recommended to wash with a neutral detergent. Also, cleaning with acetone may erode parts.
* The image is an assembled and painted kit.

[About Nakajima Kikka]
--Nakajima Kikka is a twin-engine jet aircraft developed by the Japanese Navy at the end of World War II, and is Japan's first purely domestic jet aircraft.
――In 1944, Japan got stuck in the development of a high-performance reciprocating engine with a supercharger for flying at high altitudes, and the fuel situation was worsening, so it operated with low-quality fuel and low-quality lubricating oil, and compared to the reciprocating engine. We instructed Nakajima Aircraft to develop a land attack aircraft equipped with a simple and high-performance jet engine with a relatively small number of parts.
――After that, it will be decided to obtain technical data on [Messerschmitt Me262] being developed in Germany, an ally.
――However, the submarine that was transporting the technical data was sunk, and only a small part of the material was available, and the design drawings of the essential airframe and engine heart were lost, so most of them were in Japan. It was an original development.
――The first flight in August 1945 was successful, but the war ended with the completion of two prototypes.
-The main wing of the model can be reproduced by selecting the folding mechanism for storing it in the bunker.

[About Type 5 Chi-Ri]
--Development began in July 1943 due to a change in the [Research Policy of the Weapons Administration Headquarters].
--The change in the research policy of the Weapons Administration Headquarters was changed from the conventional emphasis on infantry direct cooperation to tank development focusing on tank battles, based on the situation of tank battles in [German-Soviet warfare] and the results of analyzing tank performance. ..
--In addition, major changes have been made to the various values required for medium tanks, the total weight required for medium tanks has been increased from 20t to 35t, the caliber of the main gun has been increased from 57mm to 75mm, and the maximum armor thickness has been increased from 50mm to 75mm. It has been.
-Type 5 medium tank [Chile] is a tank equipped with many new innovations as a domestic tank, heavy armor, 75 mm long muzzle velocity gun, electric turret swivel device, high output liquid cooling engine, semi-automatic loading device, etc. It was a tank that required a high level of technology.
――It was scheduled to be completed in March 1945, but the war has come to an end with the body and turret of one prototype vehicle almost completed.

[95 type small freight car] 
--In addition, a [95 type small freight car] is also included as a bonus kit.

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )

Manufacturer : Beaver Corporation , Foxone Design Studio
Scale         : 1/144
Material         : Resin
Release Date : Feb(Dec. 25, 2020 Pre-order start.)
Sales Price : 3,864yen     about37.28USD

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